Before we delve into the deep overview of how to set your account up, it is imperative that you understand what a SoundCloud account stands for and how it works generally. We created this quick guide for artists that need a little guidance to getting started on Soundcloud. After you have read this article and setup your soundcloud account than try out our promotion soundcloud packages to really get the needle moving!

how to setup your soundcloud accountSoundCloud is generally an application, that was made to be a streaming platform for songs, and on this app, you get to listen to as many songs as you want as possible from different parts of the world. Aside from streaming different types of music sang by different people in different parts of the world, this music application also lets you upload songs that you have recorded and can be listened to by different people from different parts of the world.


Now that it is fully understood what SoundCloud does and how it runs, it is now time to look at the various steps by which a SoundCloud can be opened. Some people need to be guided through these steps in order to guide against mistake or error when opening their SoundCloud account on their phones or on any devices.

Steps to take when opening a SoundCloud Account

  1.    The first thing to do us to do is to get the application on your device. On your phones, you visit the play store app on your phone and search for the SoundCloud app, it is usually the first one that pops up.
  2.    Click on the app, or on your laptop browser go to and select the sign-up button.
  3.    A series of options will come on your screen asking you to choose how you want to sign up; either with your Facebook, Google+ or your personal Email account.
  4.    After you have clicked on your preferred choice of signup, a welcome page from SoundCloud will pop up on your screen, and you will be asked to select the genres of music you want to listen to (this is optional as it can be done later, so if you are not ready yet, click on the skip button to move forward).
  5.    A message will be sent to you via the Email platform you used in signing up (if you used it), and you will be asked to verify your Email Address. This is a precautionary measure to make sure that the person behind the SoundCloud Account is not a robot, but a real human being who loves music.
  6.     After you have gone past the last 5 stages listed below, your account is almost ready and running. Every account cannot function without a valid profile page, so you will be asked to update your profile and put some vital information about yourself and the kinds of music you like.
  7.    Choose a lovely profile picture too from your gallery, people are usually attracted to the face behind the account.
  8.    You can now start streaming and uploading your sounds the way you like them. When you upload music make use of tags, this will enable people to find you faster.


There are so many things that can be done with the SoundCloud account, everything, however, revolves around music. Get a SoundCloud account today and experience music in a very different way.

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