Intagram Hashtags Posting Guide | Where To Put Hashtags And Why

For every social media activist, Instagram may prove to be a great platform, and if used correctly, there’s no need to go for any other social media platform. To make the most out of Instagram, it is essential to use proper hashtags while posting a Instagram image. Hashtags work as a tool to get your content as well as business discovered or found on Instagram. Still, not all the people use hashtags correctly that can optimize success and benefits.

using hashtags correctDiscussing Instagram hashtags may prove to be a cranky matter because some people prefer to use them properly, while others don’t believe in them. But the fact that using at least one hashtag can generate 12.6% more engagement on Instagram than using no hashtag at all.

Total of the 30 hashtags can be added to a single post on Instagram. For all the feeds of similar type and purpose, the same hashtags can be used. But, it becomes challenging for marketers when they have to add different hashtags for each and every post manually.

So, here is the process by which you can add quality hashtags in a way that people can find your posts but not affect the look or appearance of the post. And, this guide will also help you to make this process easier. It will help you to understand almost everything you should know about Instagram hashtags in order to gain followers and increase the number of likes.

Where to Add Your Instagram Hashtags?

hashtags for instagramMost of the  prefer to add hashtags in caption of their image or put them along with the very first comment. The tip here is that it doesn’t matter where you put your Instagram hashtags, the functionality remains the same. You may choose the position according to the look you want your feed to have. So, here are all the possible ways that can help you in adding and positioning hashtags to any post.

Adding Instagram Hashtags in Caption

While posting a feed, you just have to research for suitable hashtags, then add those hashtags into your caption and keep following the chosen hashtags. The more time you would spend on research, the better would be the result.

It is the easiest method and includes minimum steps, and that is why there are fewer chances for you to forget going back and adding them after posting. You can also use the hashtag-suggest feature of Instagram for more ease and to add more effective hashtags to your post.

However, sometimes it makes your feed look over-commercial, but the results are completely worth it.


One way to add hashtags to your caption, but keep them appear separated, is to introduce line breaks of a couple of lines after writing the caption and then insert the hashtags. In this manner, the hashtags will remain hidden unless and until a person clicks on “more,” but this approach can enrich your post with a streamlined appearance. Using this method, you will be allowed to add the post, caption, and hashtags simultaneously, i.e., you have to post just once. This method is basically called, hiding Instagram hashtags from the captions. You only have to choose the suitable hashtags for once, and then save them in something like Keep, Notes, or Evernote, and then copy them all while posting your picture. This approach keeps the hashtags out of your caption.

Adding Instagram Hashtags to the First Comment


use captions with Instagram hashtags
Captions are great to use with Instagram hashtags!

It is just like adding your choosen hashtags to a comment just below your image. The main advantage of writing hashtags like this is that your feed looks neat and clean, and there only the representative caption appears in front of the viewers. That is the reason why a lot of people prefer this method.

The only disadvantage of using this method is that while adding hashtags in the comment, Instagram’s hashtag-suggest tool won’t work. It is essential for you to remember adding hashtags to the first comment after posting the picture.

Now that we have discussed the ways to add hashtags to Instagram feed, it is essential always to use appropriate hashtags to take your Instagram account to the next level. There are many Instagram software apps available for Android as well as iPhone users, which can be used by newbies. Doing so may help you promote your brand to a targeted audience, attract potential followers, and in turn increase engagement.

Watch the video below to learn some great best practices for using hashtags on Instagram. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and can use our information to better yourself more in some way.

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