Instagram Marketing Strategy: 11 Must Know Key Points

Looking for effective ways to boost your Instagram marketing strategy and blog growth through one of world’s most engaging and active social media platforms?

Well then, this is the article for you!

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Here are 11 efficient ideas to make sure that your top notch content gets promoted and drives in as much social traffic as possible through a Instagram marketing strategy that works in 2018.

1.Make Your Presence Known:

Starting with the basics for your Instagram marketing strategy, the first thing you need to do is adding a profile bio for yourself. There is no way you can be bad at this! Leaving the profile bio completely blank is not an option. So, make sure that you put up an accurate but precise bio that lets users know:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What are you passionate about?

Apart from the above, you also have to add an attractive and catchy call-to-action as well as the link/s to your website or blog. Remember, adding the link in the bio is crucial as you will not be able to add any clickable links on your IG profile (and that includes your posts).

  1. Choose To Post Contents That Are High In Relevance And Quality:

Now that you have created a profile bio, you would immediately want to begin adding pictures as well as sharing videos in the profile. But first, think about these two aspects- relevancy and quality. In case your aim to promote all your content and blog directed towards a target audience, you need to begin with listing out the various IG posts types that you can come up with, which are related to the industry you are promoting.

Not only do you need to maintain that the content you share aligns with your online business or blog, but you have to ensure that you are sharing only top-quality content. To do this you can use fascinating pictures, or add intriguing light effects or filters in the pictures you post, or even explore using text overlays. The bottom line is to get really creative with the photos you want to post.

  1. Theme It Up:

It is true that an interesting photo can easily captivate the imagination of your audience while telling your story. However, you don’t have to stop at that! Try to experiment by using multiple images for creating a bigger picture. Alternatively, you can also use some of the amazing filters available for enhancing your photos.

On observing a handful of the most innovative brands on Intagram, you will find out that almost all of them incorporate a unique style or theme of their own. This strategy helps these brands to separate themselves from the rest. So, if you are planning to get creative on Instagram, consider using some intriguing style and them inspiration available on Pinterest.

  1. Consider Sharing All That Happens Behind The Scenes:

An excellent way to initiate and develop genuine trust in blogging is by being transparent. You can do this by sharing a few behind the scenes things with your audience. For example, you can post a phot of yourself engaged in writing your new blog post, or taking a picture of your office, or even recording a brand new video talking about the new blog post.

As you become transparent with your audience by sharing these behind the scenes essentials, you are actually adding the element of relatability and trust, which are the key to brand promotion and marketing.

  1. Make The Most Of Your Sixty Seconds:

The fact is that images can generate 36 percent more engagement compared to videos, but you still have the opportunity to maximize your followers and traffic by creating an incredible 60-second video on Instagram.

For example, you can promote your new blog by using a video that quickly introduces the blog post or brand, or even mentions a few key points of the article you have written to tease and attract your audience. Other ideas for your 60-second video may include sharing what’s happening behind the scenes, or sharing a catchy short story.

  1. Take A Screen-Shot Of Your Blogs:

One of the best ways of sharing the your most recent blog posts with your followers on Instagram so that you can drive a lot of traffic towards your blog is by taking a screen-shot or screen-capturing the blog that you have written (using a smartphone). Edit the captured image to perfection before you post it. You can also consider using a layout app available for Instagram, which allows you to add featured images to your screen-shot image (of the blog post).

In case you plan on incorporating this tactic to promote blog posts, it is recommended that you add a brief description as well as relevant hashtags for your article’s topic. Also, you can add an interesting call-to-action, telling users to click on your link (in the profile bio) to be able to read your post. As the link provided in your IG profile bio essentially leads directly to your blog page, your followers can easily view your blog in no time.

  1. Tell Your Story:

Curiosity is the crux of any social media platform, so try to capitalize on your story. Your followers are eager to find out what your story is. Stories, like videos, act like magnets, telling your audience what you are working on presently, or what is happening in your life right now.

A great idea for storytelling would be converting a narrative blog post into a small post or story to be shared on Instagram. However, remember that stories don’t stay any longer than 24 hours, so you get to share another story the very next day!

  1. Give Users A Teaser Trailer Of Your Upcoming Project:

If what you are working on is something cool and new, then you should think of letting your followers know what’s coming up next. Whether you are getting ready for a new product launch, or an upcoming incentive offer, or even an exclusive eBook, letting your audience in on what you are doing can work wonders for you.

An interesting idea for starting to build hype and excitement about what your new thing is going to be (on Instagram), is teasing your followers. Tell them that something GRAND is coming up, prepare a customized banner poster or take a picture and use some amazing text overlay, or even make a teaser video if necessary. All this will result in increased curiosity among your followers, which will eventually promote your content or blog.

  1. Start Liking And Following The Profiles Of Other Bloggers:

While posting likable and engaging content can effectively help you get noticed as well as grow your followers on Instagram, you can also try to actively comment and like contents that are shared by other Instagrammers belonging to your niche (blogging).

Check if the bloggers that you follow, have an account on Instagram, and begin following them immediately. Additionally, search for Instagrammers using tags or people. Look for similar content as yours on IG and comment on and/or like as many as you can.

  1. Focus On Delivering More Value:

Irrespective of what you are sharing- a video, behind the scenes photos, or even a motivational quotation- you need to ensure that you are delivering maximum value through your Instagram content. Simply promoting your content or blog will not be enough; you have to make sure that your over-deliver value to your audience.

  1. Maintain Consistency:

In order to make the social media platform work in favor of your business or blog, you need to maintain consistency. The same rule applies for promoting your blog or content on Instagram.

It will be pointless if you start fully motivated with sharing posts on a regular basis, and then gradually coming down to posting only once in 7 days.

The combination of great content and consistency is crucial in getting more engagement and content views. This in turn, will result in more followers as well as more visits to your blogging site.

Most Instagram professionals agree that posting frequently can effectively increase engagement. You can try using a planner for chalking out what content you want to post on your social media platforms and how frequently you intend on posting.

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Final Words:

All the above mentioned ideas can work efficiently in promoting your content or blog on Instagram. Videos need to be created with great care and attention as you have only 60 seconds to engage your audience. Also, choosing the right stories and taking fascinating behind the scenes photos can easily increase engagement. And of course, creating a unique style and theme will make you an exclusive Instagrammer.

Don’t forget to stay consistent, make plans in advance, and get creative and also to have as much fun as you can. Offer as much value as possible through your content to your followers. The rewards will amaze you! Hopefully you will incorporate one or more of these 11 effective ideas into your marketing strategy for Instagram so that they drive more traffic to your blog. All the very best!

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