General Questions

Not at all, all methods used by our company comply with the regulations of all social media marketing platforms. No bots, proxies  are done. Therefore your accounts validity is never compromised.

Our company uses techniques such as PPC ads, posting on high traffic websites and social media platforms, incentive based marketing, and other ethical proprietary methods.This gives you or your business social exposure and attracts potential clients towards your brand. Doing this can easily increase your revenue and put your company on the map.

We do not need your password and only the url (s) to your social media account (s)  is what we need.

All order payments are securely transacted using Safecharge and we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. We also accept all forms crypto currency 🙂

Yes, our company does provide a 100% money back guarantee on all incomplete orders. However we have never failed to complete an order, so we are really reliable.

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. We track our progress by your total number of views or followers, and if another campaign of yours is increasing your likes simultaneously, it will count towards the promotion we’ve done for your page. However, we do over-deliver on all of our orders to account for any organic traction you’ve received on your page during our campaign.

Since we’re manually promoting your page, we do not have software to track exactly how many likes we’ve sent to your page; this type of software is only present with fake likes/bots, as all of the accounts would be in a single person’s control, making it much easier to track and differentiate. We are not responsible for replacing services that weren’t built by us as a result of a conflicting third-party campaign. It’s for this reason we recommend pausing your other campaigns before placing an order with us.

We got you covered. Simply add packages to the cart and continue shopping until you have all the packages you desire. You can even change units in the cart Ex 10 orders of 1000 Youtube views. This can all be achieved in one single order 🙂

At BRSM we stand behind our work and offer a full 1 year replacement guarantee if that should ever happen to you. We are confident it won’t as we provide real social marketing services and after 5 years in business we had to do this seldomly 🙂

Orders are placed via Safecharge after which you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep this email and reply back to it if you have any questions about your order. We then require 24-48 hours to setup for your campaign. The order starts. After completion of your order we will send you an email. We have awesome customer support if you require any updates at all!

Yes, get in touch with our sales department and get some great deals for bulk orders.

At BRSM we take your privacy and any personal information you share with us very seriously. We have a strict policy that clients info will not be divulged under any circumstances. We have respected the anonymity of our repeat clients over the last 5 years and there has been 0% leakage of any information. You cna also pay with Bitcoin or 40 over alt coins as an added option.

Actually yes and have some of the best terms in the industry to make a business partnership with BRSM a win win for both our companies.

We’ll start focusing on your account within 24-48 hours. It takes us a bit of time to setup for your campaign. Please be patient as preparation is what gives results in this industry.

Buyrealsocial is one of the leading social media marketing companies on the internet. We look forward to working with you!