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One Time
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This is the only website I have found that can do actual real Facebook shares. So glad I found you guys. Other websites claimed they could do it but never came through for me. Just wanted to let you guys know that 🙂

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If you’re planning to have that extra-special post you produced go viral there is no better means than this! We will take your post and share it with only real active people! When your Facebook post gets shared with these individuals it lands on their wall directly and all their pals have the ability to see it.

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real Facebook shares picHave you ever noticed how some of your posts get seen by a low amount of your Facebook fans. This is called the reach on your posts. Facebook scans posts to see what is the most popular and shows your fans only the most popular posts.

This service makes your post popular and thus Facebook will show your post to more people increasing the visibility of it organically. Your posts will be shared by real people so when people go to your post and see all the activity they will be more prone to share, like, or comment on it as well.


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When you buy Facebook shares your post will be shared with thousands of real people with real friends to boot. We do this by sharing your wall post or picture post within our vast proprietary social media networks. It’s a fantastic way to get a video, picture, or wall post viral on Facebook.

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