How To Create A Facebook Video

Facebook marketing is a practice that has been gaining popularity among many entrepreneurs across the globe. This can be attributed to a number of factors; one, Facebook has been gaining massive users across the globe with current active users approximated to be around 1.7 billion, secondly, Facebook has introduced marketing tools that are meant to improve the experience for the marketers and last but not least, Facebook has one of the best platforms where one can easily market their good and services at a very low price.

how to create a Facebook video

However, it’s important to understand that there are various forms of Facebook marketing that entrepreneurs can use to achieve their different marketing goals. This article will mainly focus on Facebook video marketing, touching on the important tips on how to create a Facebook video that will attract a massive number of views and at the same time trigger immediate actions.

Create a video that specifically meant for Facebook.

Videos come in different forms depending on the primary objective its meant to accomplish. One of the common mistakes that people make is directly sharing a video on other social media platforms especially Youtube. One disadvantage of using such videos is that it is very little you can do in terms of editing, also taking advantage of the various Facebook video adds may be a bit difficult and most importantly most Facebook user pays more attention to direct post compared to shared ones.

Fortunately, Facebook has introduced a platform where you can create any video as per your taste and preferences which is much faster, convenient and easier to use by nearly everybody. Alternatively, you can create the video using other equally important platforms and directly upload them to your Facebook. In this case, it’s highly recommended that you involve services of a professional video creator to ensure that it meets the requirements of good Facebook video for advertisement. A good practice after you make you video is to order Facebook video views from BRS to get the traction needed for it to take off organically!

Make sure your video is creatively designed.

It’s obvious that nobody would want to spend their limited internet data to something that is not even worth a second of their time. As a Facebook video marketer, your main aim should be to ensure that the video grasps the attention of any viewer right from the beginning to the end. Naturally, the way your video starts may either encourage the viewer to want to see the remaining part or cancel it. It would, therefore, be crucial to ensure that the very fast thing somebody sees will create curiosity that will hold them until the end.

Be mindful of the time the video takes.

It would be the wish of any business person to want to cover all the necessary aspects of the product and services in question. However, for the efficiency of the Facebook video marketing, that may not be possible. To avoid missing out on essential points, make sure you list them in order of priority a start with the important one. A good Facebook video should run between 45 and 75 seconds, this will ensure that the viewer is not bored and at the same time, no much internet bundles are needed.

Give the viewer the option to activate the sound.

Most people hate unnecessary noise; the good thing is that a Facebook video is still capable of delivering the message without necessarily using the sound. With Facebook video editing tools, you have an option to upload a muted video given the view the option to click to listen. Make sure the pop-up for the sound option is well timed to avoid irritating your viewer.

Create a clear Call to Action.

Remember that the primary objective of any form of advertising is not only to inform/educate but also to call to action. When it comes to Facebook video marketing, you have two options, once you can include a link in the video or after the description about the video. Just make sure that your viewer is curious enough to want to follow that link for him/her to learn more about the subject.

Write a description that will be compelling.

Before you can post anything, Facebook gives an option to write something about the post. First of all, you have to make sure that the description is precise as possible and secondly you have to be extra cautious about the wordings. Makes sure your description either create a suspense that may only be relieved by watching the video or you can overemphasize on the need to watch the video in order to see the bigger picture.

Ensure your video tells a story.

Most people are attracted to something that may touch their emotion. Just because you making a sale description does not mean that you can touch people emotionally. In order to achieve this, there some important factors that you need to consider. For instance, the trending stories/topics; you may design your video will the basic idea of the trending topic but carrying your message. Another way you can directly interact with the emotion of your viewers is being humorous, this can be achieved through sarcasm, slightly exaggerating on some topics just to name a few. Another strategy that has proved to be equally important is where you come up with a wonderful story that is meant to show how important the product or service in question is to your well-being or that of your loved ones.

facebook video stories

There is a lot of things that we can write about the essentials of Facebook video marketing, these are just a few of them. It’s important to note that the above strategies are not just meant for business owners or reputable digital marketer but also serious Facebook user can use it and make a living from the same. Affiliate marketing has become a common marketing technique and people are becoming millionaires by just practicing it in a smart way. Using Facebook video marketing can be a very wonderful platform in affiliate marketing since it’s not yet fully exploited which means that it holds a lot of potentials. Ideally, if you direct all your resources and give it your best shot, Facebook video marketing alone can be a permanent source of income which is far much better than many other online jobs.


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