The Changing News Feed for 2018 and What Marketers Need to Know

Recently the significant change on Facebook is the news feed contents. Facebook has decided to change the algorithm of the Facebook news feed and going to form a new algorithm in 2018. This change will create impact on the marketers for sure. But the question is what kind of impact it will be? Will it be good for the common marketers? Or it is going to create a bad impact on the marketers? In this article, I’m going to clear out the significant changes of the news feed and what is going to be the impact for this change.


Why this Facebook update is important?

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The new update is going to change the newsfeed algorithm. In this update, you will see less content from business, brand etc pages. As you can probably guess, more posts from friends and family are going to be on your news feed. This is because Facebook authority wants to create more bonds between you and your friends and family.

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This is important. In the past we have seen the news feed contains most of the number of various business-related posts. Now the time is over. Facebook is now up to create this platform as more realistic and reliable. The CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg wants people feel good about using Facebook. This is why this change is happening.


What are the changes going to occur on the Facebook news feed?


  • More posts from connected people: The most significant change on the Facebook newsfeed will be the appearing of more contents from the connected people like your Facebook friends and the peoples you follow. So, the relation and bonding between your friends and family will increase. This is also a strategy of letting people feel good things about Facebook.


  • Fewer posts from business pages: Now you will see fewer posts from the pages you follow. This is because they want to build a strong connection with you and your friends and family. Posts from business and brands will only reduce the number of posts from the connected people. We have seen this before. Now Facebook is updating their newsfeed and it is clear that they are against of this thing.


  • Posts that seek advice and recommendation: In this new update, posts of friends and family members which is about to search for some advice and recommendation will get priority first. So these kinds of posts will be available on your newsfeed regularly in a huge amount. I think you have noticed this and was astonished at this huge number of posts. Now I think it is clear.


  • More posts of news and videos: After the update we have noticed that the newsfeed is giving more priority over hot news and discussions and their videos. This is a very interesting part because these kinds of news should reach to the user very easily. On the other side less, important news like a shared link will not be as effective as hot news or a video can make impact on the newsfeed.


  • More content from groups: So as you can see now Facebook is trying to show more group discussions in the newsfeed. This is a good point. It will increase your attachment over the groups you are joined in. But if you don’t want to see more posts from any particular group you can filter the notification option. You have still the option to operate your newsfeed from appearing group discussions.


  • Long comments receiving contents: Basically, Facebook newsfeed is giving priority on the posts which gain a lot of comments. An executive of Facebook has told us that they find long comments receiving contents more important than a less comment having content. So, they are trying to boost these types of contents. He has also said that “Logical posts only get more attention and they get more comments.” Now this is clear that not only likes are valuable to keep your post in the newsfeed. You also need to receive long comments for the sake of your post.


  • Shared news content by friends: So, this is another vital type which gets more priority in the newsfeed. You can observe that whenever your friend is sharing news, it comes at the top of your newsfeed. So here is the reason. Facebook has made their decision to update Facebook newsfeed on this basis. That’s why you are seeing more contents like these mentioned above.

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Facebook Content Ranking

Whenever any content is coming in the news feed it has to pass through a content ranking system. Shortly I will tell you about it. Think about three different contents where your friend has changed his profile picture, a brand has promoted its new service or product and the last one is a post where your friend has recently commented.

So which post will appear at the news feed at first, which one will get second position and which one will be the last content in the news feed? So what Facebook is doing is giving all of these contents a ranking. The profile picture changing content will get the highest rank, then the post your friend has commented and the brand will get the last page. Every marketer should know this thing.

Effect of Ads in Facebook News feed

Well there is some misconception marketers have that is the new update is going to affect the Facebook ads depended marketers. But a representative of Facebook has told us that ads are out of concern from this update. This update should not be a headache for the marketers. Ads will still appear in the news feed like before. So this update is going to be like as friendly as before for the ads depended marketers.


Facebook has its good motive for updating this newsfeed contents. The marketers should know about the changes and also need to know what they really have to change in their strategy. In this competitive marketplace you have change your plan according to new situations. Good luck everyone and always you can check out our Facebook services.


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