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Let’s talk about how much it costs and what you need to do on Facebook ads to build 1000 Facebook likes. First you need to either design a few ads or hire a graphic designer to do this for you than you need to figure out all the intricacies of the Facebook CPC platform. After you figure this out you finally get the ad live.

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Why Invest in Facebook promotions?

Facebook remains, by far, the most used platform for online social interaction. With more than one billion users spread across different age groups, Facebook makes for a marketing channel that businesses can use to build a strong customer base. Half of Facebook users are active every day, making it possible to engage them through regular post updates. The Facebook audience can also be categorized demographically, which means a business can easily create marketing content specific to a particular audience.

It’s no wonder, then, that businesses have turned to Facebook for marketing activities. The platform has made promoting a business online so easy and affordable if you buy real Facebook likes, for both old and new businesses.

The Facebook Audience: What Is It Like?

Facebook has the highest number if members among all social media platforms. They total more than 1 billion, with 50% of them accessing the platform on a daily basis. According to statistics from Facebook, 71% of the total number of users are young adults, in the age bracket of the early twenties to early thirties. The other 30% consists of teens and the elderly.

The fact that the largest part of Facebook is young adults makes it the best platform to market products. This is the demographic segment representing people who are in their ‘ buying years,’ with most of them being actively employed. Marketing for products and services done to this part of the population has a higher rate of success.

Other social media platform have audiences that are either too young or too elderly to represent a strong purchasing power. And the good thing with the Facebook is, you can selectively target a particular audience, and have updates appear on their timelines only.

What Makes Facebook Such A Powerful Marketing Channel?

Although Facebook started off as a way for people to interact, the reach it commanded over the years changed things. The Facebook community grew tremendously, with users joining from every demographic segment and geographical location, more so young adults.

Facebook likes imageBusinesses noticed the potential the social media platform held as a marketing tool. Since then, every serious business has a page on Facebook for its promotional initiatives and most buy organic Facebook likes. With Facebook, promotional updates are sure to reach a wide audience, and in real time.

How Can A Business Use Facebook To Market Itself?

It’s quite easy. A business creates a page, posts great content and appealing multimedia, makes frequent post updates, shares and encourages people to share the page, and engages visitors. It’s all free, unless the business decides to use the paid-for Facebook ads.

A business can use various means to market the page itself. It helps to draw more visitors, likes, and shares. To make a Facebook page more visible and appealing to Facebook users, a business would need to pay attention to the 4 factors below;

1. Make the page visually appealing 

A page with attractive multimedia content would, no doubt, attract more views. It makes viewers spend more time on the page, with the possibility that they click the link on the page that directs them to the business’s website. It generates traffic to the site and boosts sales.

2. Create great content 

Depending on the target audience, content should be relevant to their interest. If the audience consists of adults who want serious and informational material, the content should serve that purpose. Entertainment content should be that; fun and less serious. By having content the audience identifies with, a fan page gets more views and more likes.

3. Interact with users

Facebook allows for online discussions on posts. Creating engaging posts that bring about a healthy discussion improves the visibility of a Facebook page. Replying to queries as soon as can be possible helps to keep the discussion alive and prevents the possibility of bitterness creeping in among st the people commenting.

Regular updates of events, offers and polls help to maximize sales. Make them frequent but relevant to the time and the tastes of the audience. Events and discounts can be timed to come at a time when your audience is on holiday, or when they’ve received their payday checks.

4. Find Facebook likes 

To get Facebook likes and have people following your page, spreading the word is important. Of coerce you can buy real Facebook likes from BRS but their are other ways as well. One way is by sharing the page to groups and sending invites to users. As more people find and like the page, they will help to bring in more; Facebook includes a feature that lets friends see the pages their friends have liked and choose whether also to follow.

What Products Can a Business Market On Facebook?

There’s virtually no limit as to what a business can promote on Facebook. From products and services targeted at other businesses, to products targeted at the final consumer, everything goes on Facebook. So long as the product is legal and doesn’t violate Facebook terms, any business stands a chance to give itself exposure using the marketing power of Facebook. Existing businesses, as well as new ones, stand to benefit.

Going through Facebook, one comes across famous companies promoting their already popular brands, as well as small businesses that are just picking up and trying to reach out to potential customers. The good thing is, there’s no discrimination with Facebook marketing, and every business stands an equal chance to succeed.

However, the success of Facebook marketing largely depends on one thing: the number of real Facebook likes on a business’s fan page. Other factors contribute, of course, like the value and relevance of content on the page, and how regular updates are. But page likes happen to be the most important factor because they determine if people take an interest in the contents of the page, and if they are willing to like it themselves. But how?

The Power of Real Facebook Likes

Potential customers use the statistics on a business’s Facebook page to gauge its credibility or authenticity. The more you buy organic Facebook likes for your page, the more the trust the business earns from visitors. A low number of likes would make people think the business is disliked and being shunned by others. They assume the reason for the dislike to be that there’s something bad about the business, or that it isn’t genuine. They are likely to follow suit and avoid the business, even without bothering to find out why.

If a Facebook page has many likes, people assume the reason many people have liked it is because the business is genuine, and they may be tempted to like it too. They’re also able to develop instant trust for the business and be likely to engage in trade with it. Still, by merely liking the page, they open their timelines to be receiving page updates whenever they’re posted. It gives the business a chance to pitch to them later on.

The decision to buy organic Facebook likes is so important to a business in the whole promotional endeavor. Without likes, there would likely be few or no leads, leave alone conversions. The secret lies in the like and the follow buttons. Once a user likes or follows a page or a group, they start to get news feed from them.

When you buy real Facebook likes a business is sure to reach many people when promotional posts appear on their timelines. Still, a business with many likes on Facebook appears trustworthy. People would be more willing to buy from such a business basing on the fact that many others seem to have done so. But the likes have to be many to make things work out.

Why is it Important to Buy Organic Facebook Likes?

Having many real likes portrays a business as being genuine, trustworthy, and worth engaging in business with. The more likes’ a page gets, the more the number of customers who would feel comfortable buying from the business. It’s something that’s natural to humans; basing trust on the decision of other people towards something or someone. It’s the sole reason why businesses think to buy real Facebook likes; to win the trust of potential customers.

How Do Real Facebook likes Help a Business to Increase the Customer Base

By Reaching Many People, Instantly 

Facebook has a large audience consisting of people who log in on a daily basis. Content created for marketing purposes reaches these people the very time it’s posted. People who have liked the page get updates on their timelines. For a business trying to create a brand awareness for its products, more likes would mean more reach and more awareness. Regularly posting updates can steadily increase the customer base if used properly.

Attracting new Customers 

Because having more Facebook ‘likes’ makes your business to appear credible to people, the sheer number of the ‘likes’ on your page is likes to lure new customers to trade with you. It makes your products and services instantly likable to potential customers. It doesn’t matter if they have traded with you before because they base their judgment on what others feel about your business.

Giving opportunity for interaction 

When your page appears to have many followers, potential customers may feel attracted to join the community. They may feel tempted to participate in the conversation by commenting on the page discussions. Doing so would represent the business with an opportunity to pitch to them, with the possibility of converting them.

What are The Different Ways of Getting Facebook Likes?

They’re many, but they can be narrowed down by categorizing them into two; the ‘organic,’ and the ‘ fast forward’ way.

The Organic Way of Getting Facebook Likes. 

It involves wooing Facebook users to like a page by posting attractive and engaging updates. Multimedia posts with highly interesting content would make users to like a page to receive more posts in future. To be able to appeal to your target audience, it’s essential that you take time to study them first, their likes, dislikes, preferences and the time they’re online. Create engaging content that will leave them yearning for more-short and precise.

Updates that are distasteful risk causing even the people who had liked your page to hit the ‘ unlike’ button, so extreme care is needed. When content is appealing, users may even be tempted to open links and visit your website for more. Posts that spark healthy debates give you an opportunity to engage your followers, and you can drive them to your site easily.

You can also advertise your Facebook page on other avenues They include, blogs, company websites, sending emails, or directly informing friends. Business cards are also another way of promoting your Facebook page to get organic traffic and ‘likes’.

Is The Organic Way of Getting Facebook ‘Likes’ Viable? 

The organic methods of getting Facebook ‘likes’ are, unfortunately, very slow and almost not attainable. The ‘Likes’ take a long time to build up, with the result that your business suffers or stagnates, as you patiently wait to reach your target audience. Sometimes, Facebook pages that depend on organic ‘likes’ end up not getting them, or getting only a few-unless the business is popular, or you have immense experience with social media marketing. So, what other option is better at getting more ‘likes’?

The ‘Fast Forward’ Way to Buy Real Organic Facebook Likes

This method guarantees you of  real Facebook likes without having to wait. One way to do this is by paying for Facebook ads. Your posts appear on the timelines of users that Facebook feels are your targeted audience. Facebook ads can be both effective and ineffective.

If your content is great and your audience well defined, these paid-for campaigns can generate likes for your page and within a short time. But enough research is needed, or you could end up wasting resources without results. Facebook ads can be costly, too, and their suitability and effectiveness depends on many factors.

Another way to get real ‘likes’, and which are guaranteed, is to buy real Facebook likes. The good part about this method is you get to buy a specific number of ‘likes’, depending on your preference or budget.

This method improves the visibility of your page on Facebook searches giving your business an opportunity to stand out from among others. And as people find your page having a huge following, they feel inclined to like it too, increasing the number of ‘ real likes.’

When you buy real Facebook likes it come with many benefits; it’s way cheaper than running paid for ad campaigns on Facebook, plus, ‘likes’ a guaranteed and specific in terms of numbers. It’s a method from which small businesses which are yet to get a wide reach or exposure can greatly benefit.

When attempting to buy real Facebook likes, look for sellers with a track record of credibility and fast services like BRS.

Facebook Likes FAQ

  • These are 100% real Facebook likes absolutely!
  • We get these likes though a mix of CPC and promoting across our premium networks with more than 10 million active Facebook users from all over the world. We can also target different countries.
  • Everyone associates the number of likes on your page to how popular your business is.
  • It creates a follow the heard effect. When someone sees that you have a large amount of Facebook likes they are more likely to like themselves.
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  • Facebook likes generate strong social signals to Google and can help you rank.
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  • People will not take you as serious if you have a small amount of Facebook likes.
  • These are real people that will engage with your page! They can be possible customers.
  • Choose a package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Get standard international likes or choose the targeted options for an additional fee.
  • Add your Facebook page URL and any special instructions.
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through PayPal.
  • You will be assigned a account manager and he will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours setup time.
  • Your likes start rolling in naturally and we complete your package within the delivery time stated on the package you chose above when you ordered the Facebook likes.
  • When we are finished you will received a completion email so you know we are done 🙂