7 Ways to Increase Your SoundCloud Followers Organically

So, you’ve worked hard on creating your music and know you obviously want to get it out there for the whole world to hear. However, it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re new to the industry and don’t know the works of it. While talent is most important, how you promote your music is almost as vital to your survival in the biz. Why? Because you do need to approach your talent as you would with a business.

You need to learn a few tricks and take advantage of the various tools and resources available online. Also, you need to brush up on your digital marketing skills because you’re gonna need them. With this being said, let’s see how to best market your SoundCloud profiles organically and increase your SoundCloud followers to the max.

1. Promote Your Tracks on Social Networks

promote soundcloud on social networks

Being on SoundCloud just isn’t enough to keep you afloat. Today, there are few things more powerful than social media. These networks can lift a career or business to new heights with minimum investment. The key is to pick the platforms you’re most comfortable with and where your fanbase usually hangs out on.

The great thing about social media networks, including SoundCloud, is that you can link to the social media platform easily. This allows you to be visible on SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other sites, and share content from one profile to the other.

Post often, but make sure it’s quality content. It should be mainly about your music, your goals, future events, behind the scene photos, and so on. Try to keep away from posting funny picture or memes, and focus on creating a professional image for yourself.

2. Create Facebook Ads

ads for soundcloud

Speaking of social media, one of the most popular social media networks is Facebook, a place you’d want to be on as well. Sometimes, sharing content on this platform is just not enough, especially if you want to see quick results. Which is why it’s best to take advantage of this great tool called Facebook Ads. You’ll need, however, to invest a little in order to promote your music with ads.

Luckily, with just a couple of bucks, you could reach enough potential fans to make it worth the money. With Facebook Ads, you can target your audience, choosing the people passionate about the specific genre you play, those who like a similar artist and can also target based on age or location, and so on. It’s really a great tool to play with and one that won’t tear a hole in your wallet either.

3. Get Out There and Mingle

soundcloud social

Having a SoundCloud profile and posting every now and then solely on there is not the best you could do to get that boost in SoundCloud. If you’ve already decided on what your target audience is, it’s time to get social. And we’re not talking about creating new social media profiles, as before. You’ll need to mingle with your niche and get them to notice you.

Start following other people, whether it’s a fan or a musician you admire. They’ll most likely follow you back. Then, just be your friendly self and leave a few comments here and there. Don’t spam them and don’t make the post only about yourself. Finally, you can also take advantage of the groups created specifically by and for musicians. Join a group dedicated to the genre you’re playing and start promoting your work.

4. Tag Away

soundcloud hashtags

This is actually a simple, basic step that some artists tend to neglect. But you shouldn’t. Because the more you make your music searchable, the easier it is for potential fans to find you, adding to your SoundCloud followers list. Add more tags and more people will tap on the Play button and fall in love with your music. Add tags relating to the genre you play, words that describe the mood of the song, and whatever else you can think of that best fit the content you posted.

5. Quality SoundCloud Album/Track Art

soundcloud album art

The album art that goes along with your songs has a lot to say about you as a musician as well. People are visual and stunning cover album pictures or other images need to live up to your fans’ expectations. When a track gets embedded, the your artwork will appear on that website. If you share a track on social media – Facebook, let’s say – that image will be included as well.

Make sure you choose something that’s high quality and that represents your music and you. Because if your fans can’t see a clear connection between the art and the music it’s attached to, you’ll only get them confused.

6. Become a Part-time DJ

become a soundcloud dj

Also one of the best ways to get people to notice you and get them interested in joining in on your SoundCloud followers list is to DJ in your local city. DJing in bars, pubs, or clubs allows you to sneak your own music in the mix. You’ll be able to see how people react to your music, what tracks they like the most, and the type of audience most likely to listen and maybe even purchase your tracks.

Working as a DJ is also a fantastic way to make connections and meet people working in the music industry that may help you boost your career. Furthermore, you’ll be making a few bucks along the way and have a lot of fun!

7. Go on Music Forums

soundcloud music forums


Long before social media became such a big force, there was a time when everyone hung out on forums. And they still do! There are millions of people still posting comments on forums every day, especially on subjects such as music and musical recommendations.

Joining a music forum is free, and posting comments is easy as pie. Just act natural, engage in conversations as any other commenter, and try not to be pushy. Don’t leave the impression that you’re there just for promoting your music. Your goal should be to have them accessing your SoundCloud profile not because you aggressively suggested them to do so, but because they’re curious to learn more about you.

Final Thoughts

Here they are, the eight ways you can increase your SoundCloud followers organically and attract the right audience for your music. As you can see, increasing your fan base can be without spending a dime or with little investment. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you choose to represent yourself and your music.

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